Why choose us?

  1. An integrated approach to the client’s needs: we provide lawyers, auditing services, we maintain accounting and tax accounting of the client’s activities, and an arbitration manager.

  2. Our common experience of advocate practice adds up to 72 years, that is more than 10 years in average for 7 lawyers. And common auditorium experience – more than 30 years for two auditors. Imagine our connections and possibilities.

  3. We are focused at the most economical way of solving the client’s issue: avoid court processes as much as possible, optimize employees’ employment depending on hourly rates, let client know what part of actions he can do on his own, in order not to pay for our time.

  4. We can explain, by simplifying the client’s perception of legal terms, translating from a legal to an accessible client language.

  5. For each client, we consolidate the key person, our colleague, who helps the client correctly formulate the questions and choose our expert to correctly answer the questions.

  6. The client has the opportunity to contact any of our attorneys, auditors at any time of the day. We do not leave the client alone with his question.

  7. We do not work with templates. We perceive every client’s question as new, and do not lose the opportunity to look at the question differently or solve it more effectively than we did before.

  8. We are not just learning the judicial practice on the client: we know how to bypass, break it, create a new one.

  9. Our work is measured in hours, but is paid at hourly rates, but we always negotiate with the client. We can not disagree.