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Position: Deputy Executive Partner
Corporate status: Partner
Professional status: lawyer, auditor

Start of legal practice: June, 1999
Start of auditing practice: August, 2003
Start of lawyer’s practice: March, 2005
First higher education: 1994-1999 Economic Faculty of Kherson Agrarian University. Specialist in accounting and auditing.
Second higher education: 1999-2002 Faculty of Law of Kyiv National Economiс University.

Specialization: tax law, economic process, administrative proceeding, contractual law, ІТ companies
Authorship: publications in newspapers Bukhhalteriya, Bukhhalter V Torhivli, magazines Dovidnyk Ekonomista, Golovbukh, AudytorUkrainy, in resources of the Network of business information LIGA Business Inform.